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Regalia for Knights consists of, as a minimum, a sash and a jewel. Swords are a necessary addition for some offices.
Basically a Knight should wear both the purple "Red Cross" Jewel as well as the white "KHS" Jewel (the KHS to the outside). They are of course completely separate Orders.
In due course, once he has gone through "the Chair" his Jewels should be replaced with the Past Sovereign and Past Commander ones.
Again a purple and a white one. He continues to wear these Jewels when he subsequently receives Divisional Honours and only ceases to wear them upon gaining Grand Rank, when they are in effect replaced by the Grand Rank Collarette.
From Left to Right:
Knight's Sash; Red Cross Jewel; KHS Jewel; Past Sovereign's Jewel; Past Commander Jewel
and Grand Officers Collaret and Jewel
The Divisional Tie
The Divisional Tie is now available again price £8
available via your Conclave Recorder ...
... and it seems it's being well accepted!
Photograph shows Bill Cank receiving a Divisional tie
after his KHS ceremony at Widnes Lancastrian Conclave No.164
The Ceremonies
The first ceremony consists of the Candidate’s admission, obligation and then the installation as a Knight Companion of the Red Cross of Constantine, in which the historical basis of the Order is also detailed.
The ceremony of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and St. John the Evangelist is undoubtedly amongst the most impressive in Masonry, an experience that is enhanced by the sword drill of the Sepulchre Guard. The presence of the Guard is a powerful reminder that this is not only a Masonic but also a Military and Chivalric Order. The ceremony culminates with an explanation of the ultimate aims of the Craft.
Our Meetings
Most Conclaves meet three or four times a year. Two special Conclaves, Sovereigns’ Unity Conclave (where membership is open to Knights who have made progress in the Order) and Constantine Conclave (Divisional and Grand Knights), each meeting twice a year, can also be visited by Knights of the Order.
The Division of West Lancashire is one of the largest in the country. The Annual Meeting of the Division is held in Leyland on the first Saturday in September followed by a luncheon.
Full details of all the Conclaves in the Division of West Lancashire are listed here.
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