The Sepulchre Guard
The Sepulchre Guard are a carefully selected group of Worthy Knights chosen by our R.Ill. Int-Gen. in consultation with his senior officers for the purpose of fulfilling ceremonial and ritual roles within the Division.
The most important duty they perform is in the ceremonies conferring the Appendant Orders, together with providing escorts and guards of honour at the annual meeting of the Divisional Conclave. In addition, a detachment of the Guard accompany the Intendant-General whenever he and the Divisional Officers make the official “Team visit” to the five selected Conclaves each year.
Membership of the Sepulchre Guard is open to any Worthy Knight who is a full subscribing and active member of one or more of the Conclaves in the Division. Once a knight has been promoted to the rank of Eusebius (Viceroy) he must cease his active membership of the Sepulchre Guard but remains on the list of reserve guardsmen.
Open to all Worthy Knights, selection as a Sepulchre Guard shows commitment to the Order, the Division, and particularly to their Conclave where they are expected to be active, reliable and quietly efficient members. This commitment will include the willingness to form part of the escort to the R.Ill. Intendant-General when he makes official visits to Conclaves.
The Guard are thus in the company of the Intendant-General and his senior officers on a regular basis and are well placed to assist the Division in a number of ways now and in the future. Good and regular fulfilment of duties does not go unnoticed!  The Guard are under the command of the Captain, Ill. Kt. Bob Cliffe, and the Deputy Captain, W Kt Rey Morris with arrangements for the attendance organised by the Sepulchre Guard Secretary, P Kt. Jason Nash.
Every Guardsman is presented to the Int-General at the Divisional Meeting and is invested with the Sepulchre Guard “Collaret” which he subsequently wears at each meeting he attends.  A Guardsman is also provided with a “Crossed Swords” Tie Pin to be worn on a plain black tie which signifies their membership of this elite group. In addition each member will be recognised by their own Conclave by having their membership of the Sepulchre Guard highlighted by the initials S G after their name on the Summons. For each occasion they are on duty, a Red Cross of Constantine Sword and Scabbard (coloured gold and purple) is provided to every member by the Captain of the Guard.
The Sepulchre Guard are an elite group of knights and it is a real honour to be a member. Indeed it is the first stepping stone for recommendation for membership of the prestigious Grand Sepulchre Guard which escorts the Grand Sovereign on all his formal occasions.

West Lancashire Division will in due time have its own “Sepulchre Guard” Conclave and
St. Helena Conclave has been identified as being the main contender. More information on this will be published later.