Grand Ranks Announced 2021
The Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign has been pleased to honour the following Knights of our Division with appointment to or promotion in Grand Rank:-
V.Ill.Kt. Malcolm Irving Bell The Leonard Heeley Conclave No.241 Past Grand High Chancellor
Ill.Kt. Michael Beesley Hesketh Conclave No.309 Past Grand Chamberlain
Ill.Kt. Brian William Sharples Westhoughton Conclave No.254 Past Grand Chamberlain
P.Kt. Andrew Stephen Whittle Rose Hill Conclave No. 298 Past Grand Warden of Regalia
P.Kt. Anthony John Wood Prescot Conclave No. 291 Past Grand Vice-Chamberlain
I am sure that you will want to join with me in congratulating these Knights on their preferment.

Yours In Faith, Unity and Zeal,


R.Ill.Kt. Graham E. Williams
Intendant-General for the Division of West Lancashire