Dear Worthy Knights all,
Regrettably, despite their best efforts to recruit new members, Red Rose Conclave No.188 at Widnes have voted to close and return their Warrant.
I was at their meeting when this decision was taken and Notice of Motion was given to that effect, to be voted on at their final meeting in April.
Not wanting that to be just a sad evening with half a dozen or so members quietly saying goodbye to their beloved Conclave and passing their Warrant etc to me, my opinion is that the Division should make it a celebration of thanks for their 74 years of existence, in recognition of today's members who have tried so hard and of all who have gone before.
To that end I have decided to make it a full Team Visit, and I now issue my request that as many other members of the Division as possible come along and boost the numbers there for this final gathering.
I asked their Recorder, Ill.Kt. Stan Povall, to book the big dining room for us, which a dance group normally use on 188's night, and the Hall management have agreed providing we have more than 40 diners to compensate for their loss of revenue.  It is not very often we get that number at Team Visits so that adds weight to my request to you to please come along and support my plan.
The date of this meeting will be Thursday 23rd April, and as you all know that happens to be St.George's Day, so because of that fact and to tie in with the name of the Conclave I am also asking everybody to wear a Red Rose in their lapels.
To those who have never visited Widnes before I can assure you that it is very easy to find on the main road and has one of the largest car parks of any hall at the rear.
In due course Stan will be issuing a booking form, but in the meantime I would greatly appreciate if those who intend coming email me direct so I can get an idea of our numbers and make plans accordingly. -
Yours in Faith, Unity and Zeal.
V.Ill.Kt. Frederick E. Hargreaves, P.G.H.Chan.
Deputy Intendant-General In Charge.