Address by the Intendant General
To all Worthy Knights of the Division, 
5th September 2020
Worthy Knights All,
It is an honour and a privilege for me to address you today as your Intendant-General.
Firstly, I hope that you and your families are well and are adjusting to the changed circumstances, the “new normal”, in which we find ourselves.  If anyone is in need of assistance, please contact your Conclave Almoner or Recorder in the first instance and we will see what we can do to help.
Normally, our Divisional meeting is amongst the first of the new Masonic season and we come back with enthusiasm, looking forward to seeing old friends, having been refreshed by holidays during the summer recess.  This year, of course, is a very different story!  The Grand Sovereign told me that he does intend to come to West Lancashire, when circumstances permit, so at some point during the season, I am hopeful that we shall have a Divisional meeting.
To the Divisional Officers who retire today, I am sure that the Past Intendant-General and Deputy Intendant-General-in-Charge would wish me to thank you for the manner in which you have carried out your duties during the period of your appointment.  For my part, I would like to thank those Knights who have accepted an appointment or promotion in Divisional rank, which takes effect today.  It is recognition for the work you have done for the Order.
Although the general suspension of meetings has been lifted, there are many caveats and conditions which need to be adhered to if meetings are to take place.  The Divisional Recorder has circulated the requirements imposed by Grand Imperial Conclave and I am sure that your Conclave Recorders will have received the requirements imposed by the various Masonic Halls and meeting places.
It is worth re-emphasising that your health and that of your loved ones is the number one priority.  No-one should feel under any pressure to attend a meeting unless they are confident that it is safe to do so.  Understandably, there is a reluctance to attend physical meetings and those Conclaves who may have a quorum for a meeting may not wish to have visitors.  There are no plans for Representatives or Team visits to Conclaves until further notice.  This will be kept under review but is unlikely to change before the New Year.
Although we may not be holding physical meetings, I do urge you to stay in touch with each other by whatever means.  If you were due to have a meeting and it is abandoned, use the time to make contact with your fellow Knights, especially the more vulnerable members or those who live alone.
At the closing of every meeting, we are exhorted to “Listen to our precepts”.  Now, more than ever, we should strive to uphold those precepts in our daily lives.
I look forward to the day when we shall have the opportunity to be in each other’s’ company again.
In the meantime, stay safe and keep well.
Yours in Faith, Unity and Zeal,
Right Illustrious Knight Graham Edwin Williams,