On Thursday 19th September 2019, a Team visit took place to Westhoughton Conclave, Westhoughton. Unfortunately, the Intendent General was unable to attend, due to personal circumstances. However, the Deputy Intendent General V. Ill. Knight Fred Hargreaves, was more than capable of standing in his stead.
V.Ill Kt. Fred Hargreaves D.I.G. with P.Kt. Alex Prescott, Soverign
and the Candidate W.Kt. Azeez Amosun
The night commenced with the Installation of a new Knight, Azeez Amoson. I had met Azeez in the bar earlier, where I introduced him to the Southport contingent of Agnus Dei who had arrived in a Mini bus. I enquired where he had come from?  He replied ‘Nigeria’  l told him that was a little far to travel for his Installation, even if it is the best Order in Freemasonry. In fact, in further conversation with Azeez, it transpires he lives and enjoys his Masonry in Tyldesley good.
After the Installation, which was conducted perfectly by the Most Puissant Sovereign P.Kt. Alex Prescott and assisted by R. Ill Knight Ken Shaw, who showed he still had the moves, when the Candidate accidently moved his sword and missed Ken’s eye by millimetres!
The Deputy Intendent General, then introduced the Divisional team. He was disappointed that only 11 of the 28 Acting Officers were able to attend, but cited various reasons why that was. The Sepulchre Guard were in attendance but depleted, through illness and other Masonic Commitments. This proved the point that volunteers are still wanted and needed, to join this Illustrious band of Knights of the Sepulchre Guard. They enjoy a marvellous ‘Espirit De Corps’ and thoroughly enjoy their duties  others company. We that were there, had a fantastic evening.
The Secretary of the Conclave, V lll. Knight Geoffrey Porter, has to be congratulated for his administration of the evenings event and choice of a delicious meal, at a very reasonable cost. I know that all the visitors enjoyed themselves and hope to return for the KHS of Azeez, in the New Year.
A thoroughly marvellous evening of Red Cross Masonry was had. The festive board was full of fun and I urge you as the Nights close in, to make a special effort to join your fellow knights in this special Order.
In Faith Unity & Zeal
Iain Brown P. G. Prefect