Sad Passing
V.Ill.Kt. Ralph Heath Dumbell, PGHChan.
Prescot Conclave 291 and Sovereigns' Unity No.406
Passed away on 23rd August 2019
Ralphs funeral will take place at St.Helens Crematorium
2:00pm on Wednesday 4th September.
Tribute to Ralph
The Division, his Conclaves, Freemasonry as a whole and indeed the world in general will be the poorer for his passing but each and every one of us who knew him will have been encouraged by his most precious gift – that of “giving of himself” to whatever he was involved in.
He was deeply immersed in our Order and very proud to be a member. He gave great and valuable Service to our Division throughout his membership of the Order. He was, perhaps, greatly undervalued but he was not one to promote himself; being happily content to do whatever he could to the best of his profound (my word, not his) ability.
Things will now never be the same for us; but I am sure Ralph would want us to remember him for the good times we shared together.
We mourn his passing but we should rejoice that we have had the opportunity to walk with him on our journey through life.
As Ralph cared for us and so deeply for our Order we should always remember his kindnesses shown to us and, as he would want, to continue to care for each other.
I do hope we have a turnout at the Crematorium worthy of such a Knight as Ralph.
V.Ill.Kt. Geoffrey M. Porter, PGHChan., Past Dep.I-G