Divisional KHS Meeting
Hosted by Sovereigns Unity Conclave No.406.
Friday 4th January 2019, was certainly a night to remember at Ormskirk Masonic Hall. As you are aware, the Division perform a KHS ceremony for those Conclaves who have insufficient Officers to perform the ceremony in their own Conclave.
On this occasion, Worthy Knight Eddie Tucker from Ormskirk Conclave No.294, was the Candidate for the evening. He has had to wait for a considerable amount of time for this ceremony as his business commitments have had him travelling all over Europe and he has been abroad every time a ceremony was planned!
Fortunately, Eddie was available for the 4th January and he was certainly very glad he didn’t miss it. The Ceremony was first class. All the Offices are filled with volunteers (unless the Deputy Intendant-General has a vacancy, in which case he volunteers you!) The First point was worked by Ill.Kt. Ray Haworth, the Second point by P.Kt. Geoff Jackson and the Third point by Ill.Kt. Graham Williams.  All of the other Officers who took part were word perfect, and obviously a lot of practice had been put in at home by each of them to ensure that the ceremony was performed in an outstanding manner.
You all know it’s a beautiful ceremony and when it is performed beautifully nothing can beat it, and I know that it left a great impression on Eddie and indeed everyone else who witnessed it. To compliment the ceremony was the festive board. Gary, the Chef, at Ormskirk always produces top class food where he makes everything on the plate from scratch and he didn’t let us down. Scotch Broth, Steak Pie, Ginger Slice, followed by Coffee and chocolate mints left us feeling fully satisfied with the festive board.
P.Kt. Iain Brown, P.Div.Eusebius.