Westhoughton Conclave Installation in Duplicate
Thursday, 15th February 2018 was the date for the Installation of two Red Cross Knights into Westhoughton Conclave in the presence of no less than two Past Intendants General?? - R.Ill. Kts Gorge Brian Fairhurst KGCC and Kenneth Wilson Shaw KCC together with a Past Deputy Intendant General - V.Ill.Kt Geoffrey Malcom Porter PGHCh, Our Principal Guest was Ill. Kt. Peter Schofield P.G.W.of Reg; Eusebius of the Division of West Lancs. Unfortunately, the Conclave EV, Ill. Kt. Stephen Gregory had to leave the meeting as he was unwell. We hope that you are feeling better Stephen.
The MPS, P.Kt. Rey Morris opened the conclave in due form and subsequently announced the business of Installing our new Red Cross Kts. It was extremely pleasing to see Ill. Kt. David Kavanagh in the Conclave looking so well after his long illness. David had no hesitation in volunteering to assist with the ceremony by acting as Beadle.
John Breakwell, Rey Morris MPS and Donald Hesketh
The Candidates, E.Comps. Donald Hesketh and John Breakwell, entered the Conclave separately under the Direction of the Marshall, Ray Pye, and then conducted around the Conclave by our Prefect, Ken Shaw (you can't keep a good man down), before jointly taking their obligation and receiving the accolade and signs from the MPS. Ill. Kt. Ray Pye presented the traditional history of the order.
A very successful Installation concluded with Don and John receiving a hearty welcome from the MPS and being congratulated by all the Kts present.
Brian Fairhurst Past IG, Peter Scofield, Divisional Eusebius,
MPS and Ken Shaw Past IG congratulate John and Don
The Divisional Eusebius then took the opportunity to present a booklet on the order to the MPS.
As always at Brookfield, the festive board was excellent and rounded off a very enjoyable meeting. Peter Schofield offered his congratulation to the Conclave for a very enjoyable evening and he wished Don and John well for their future in this order.
Here's to our next Merry Meeting in May which will include the Enthronement of Stephen Gregory as MPS and Alex Prescott as EV - congratulations to them both on their Election to those Offices and to Ill. Kt Brian Sharples in agreeing to continue his good work as Treasurer for the ensuing year.

Words and Photographs Ray Pye