Second Tri-Divisional Meeting
The first tri-partite meeting of the north Western Divisions was held at Kirkby Lonsdale in 2016 and hosted by the Division of Cumbria.  The initiative was launched by the Deputy Intendant-General for Cumbria V.Ill.Kt. Joe Sudhakar. Each of the three divisions fielded a team to work the three points. It was agreed that the meeting would be biennial.
The second tri-partite meeting was held in Preston on Saturday the 21st July 2018 and hosted by Stydd Conclave in the Division of North and East Lancashire.
The Division on Cumbria worked the first point, north and East Lancashire the second point. West Lancashire the third point with a team assembled by their Deputy Intendant-General, V.Ill.Kt. Fred Hargreaves.
Commander, Billy Nolan, P.G.Herald, Agnus Dei 220
Harbinger, Bill Bruce P.G.W.of Reg. St.George’s 42
Verger, Frank Cook, P.G.H.Alm. Croston 362
Prior, Neil Brown, P.G.Chamb. Croston 362
Warder, Brian Bawden, Div. Sentinel. Ormskirk 294
1st Lieutenant Iain Brown, P.Div. Eusebius, Agnus Dei 220
2nd Lieutenant, John Ford, P.Sov. Agnus Dei 220
Candidate, Tony Prior, (Ormskirk Conclave 294)

Back row:- Frank Cook; Brian Bawden; Fred Hargreaves; Bill Bruce

Front Row: Geoff Jackson (Sub.): Iain Brown; Billy Nolan; John Ford & Neil Brown

The standard of working in all three points was excellent and was enjoyed by a packed temple. Then followed a super lunch with over 100 worthy knights present. All in all a great day and a great advertisement for out important Order. Tell your Royal Arch friends.
The Division of West Lancashire will host the third tri-partite meeting in 2020. Our Divisional Recorded, Ill. Kt. Neil Cooper, will publish details of where and when as they become available.
I promise the knights of all three Divisions, it will be humongous!
Rill Kt. Michael R Walker
Intendant General
Division of West Lancashire
Below are the photgraphs of the after proceedings courtesy of Ill.Kt. Ian Screen Divisional Recorder North and East Lancashire