Divisional Eusebius to Swinton Conclave No. 355
Monday 26th February
The Conclave was opened at 6-30pm. by the MPS. W.J. Bruce, although there were only a small number of Knights present, it did not deter from what turned out to be a very interesting meeting, after the business of the Conclave being attended to by the Recorder Ill.Kt. Edwin Schofield (No relation even though he refers to me as Granddad).
Ill.Kt. Edwin Schofield having checked all is ready
The Conclave at Swinton
The MPS gave a paper entitled "Freemasonry and the Holocaust", the paper was delivered in a most emotional manner by the MPS, the Knights present were all left with a lot to think about, lots of talk and questions at the festive board.
Members present on the evening
Divisional Eusebius with members  (spot who is missing)
The festive board was of a very high standard and plenty, everyone left with no mention of calling at the chippy on the way home.
Divisional Eusebius with P.Kt. William Bruce MPS and P.Kt. Ian Edge, Viceroy
Report bt P Schofield Div. Eusebius 'Granddad'