Ill.Kt. A. John Watson
Called to Higher Service 23rd January 2018
John was Installed into Westhoughton Conclave No. 254 on the 15th January 1970, after 7 years he resigned and Joined Dr.W.R. Waters No. 269 on the 20th January 1983 and was to become Sovereign in 1986, on the 15th January 2015 he was made an Honorary Member,as recorder I was to write to him and let him know, I received a letter from John saying how honoured he was to receive it and that he would not be able to attend as he now lived  on the Isle of Man, but would raise a glass on the meeting nights.
John was also a Founder of Sovereign Unity Conclave No. 406 on the 17th October 1989
Joined Constantine Conclave No. 261 on the 25th October 2002.
He became Divisional Eusebius in 1988 after which he became Deputy Divisional Marshal in1989. He received the Grand Rank of P.G.Prefect on the 27th May 1992.
I personally had not met John as he had already moved to the Isle of Man when I joined Dr Waters, but from all I have heard from those who knew him he was a well respected and will be missed.
Tribute by P.Kt. Pete Schofield, Div. Eusebius