Divisional Concalve 2018
On a very pleasant Saturday morning the 1st September 2018, the Red Cross Masons of West Lancashire, made their way to Park Hotel at Charnock Richard, the venue for this year’s Divisional Conclave.
Ron Pearson and Pete Schofield
As a new venue for this meeting, no one knew what to expect, however the staff at Park Hall could not had tried any better to accommodate the Divisions every need. Park Hall are, after all, used to accommodating several Orders including Red Cross from the units that moved there from Heskin Hall a couple of years ago.
General views of the Dining Room
At ten to eleven the processions started and guests from across the UK entered and took their seats. These were followed by the former Intendants General of the Division, all three of them! Then the Officers of the year accompanied R. Ill. Kt. Michael Robert Walker , Intendant General, into the Conclave.
Got You!
The business of the meeting was discharged by the Intendant General, in his usual relaxed style, as he greeted everyone, especially those who had travelled far and wide to join us.
I’ll leave the minutes of the meeting for the Divisional Recorder to circulate in due course but suffice it to say everything was done and dusted by 1230 and we were soon on our way out of the Conclave to the after proceedings and well deserved and refreshing tincture of the amber liquid.
A bit of a long shot!
The meal, a melon starter with chicken main course, in a delicious pesto sauce, along with strawberry cheesecake was surely was the ‘icing on the cake’, if Alan Beckerton doesn’t mind me using his closely related expression! (Those who were there will know just what I mean).
Now I have to say that, after the meeting, I did invite the IG to bring his team back in for photographs, however what I got were the outgoing and incoming Eusebius, Pete Schofield and Ron Pearson. As a past Eusebius of the Division, what more could I wish for? Ron you will get used to the Mitre, it won’t get any more comfortable to wear, but you will get used to it!
Pictures show the two knights mentioned above in the hall used for the meeting and the remaining shots are from the festive board which followed. You will notice that the Intendant General is missing in the two general shots, but I caught up with him whilst he was ‘networking’.
That's better
And a then again whilst responding to the toast to his health.  
We should not forget all those knights who gave up their time to set up the Conclave and Steward the Event. Especially those from Croston Conclave, thankyou from those at Hesketh who know only to well just what it is like!
Words and pictures by Ill Kt Mike Beesley,
Past Divisional Eusebius
P.G. Prefect