Westhoughton Conclave, No.254, Team Visit
On Thursday 16th February 2017. Westhoughton Conclave, meeting at Westhoughton Masonic Hall, hosted a Team visit, led by the Intendent General Michael R Walker. He was accompanied by 23 Acting Officers.
The Most Puissant Sovereign, P.Kt. Tom Crompton, was unable to attend his Conclave due to illness. V.Ill. Knight Geoffrey Porter, the Conclave Recorder, acted as the MPS in his stead throughout the evening, where his experience and love of the Order shone through.
Ill. Knight Ray Pye, the Deputy Divisional Marshall, had a very busy evening. He led the Divisional Team in that capacity. He also performed his duty as the Conclave Marshall and finally, delivered a very interesting and informative lecture. ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’
A daily advancement in Masonic knowledge was gained by all, when during the lecture, we learned that during the Knight of the Holy Sepulchre ceremony, only one Standard (Labarum) should be displayed. Ray also produced a handout to the Worthy Knights present, to further explain the symbolism on that Standard.
At the conclusion of the Conclave, we retired to the Festive Board. Soup, Roast Beef and Apple Pie followed by Coffee, was the menu of the day. It was a marvellous meal and all the clean plates were testimony to its quality.
The Intendent General, in response to the toast to his health, stated that he received reports from his representatives all over the Division, of the love, enjoyment and conviviality to the Order and each other. This was also present during the night’s proceedings in the Conclave and at the Festive board.
Iain Brown
Divisional Eusebius