St. George’s Friendship Evening.

On Tuesday 14th February 2017, those Worthy Knights who risked the wrath of their wives and girlfriends on Valentine’s day, by attending St Georges Conclave Friendship evening at Chorley Masonic Hall, instead of attending to them, were well rewarded with a lovely evening of, fellowship and friendliness.
Iain Brown. Divisional Eusebius, Andy Gill & Terry Ford and MPS I Haslam
The Conclave was opened by the Most Puissant Sovereign. P. Kt. Haslam and the Viceroy E. Kt. Brown and the business of the Conclave was conducted swiftly. The Intendent General’s representative for the evening Ill. Knight GE Williams was unavoidably detained. However, P. Kt. Iain Brown, the Divisional Eusebius, could step in and carry the greetings of the Intendent General, to all those present.
A friendship meeting followed, with Ill. Kt Edwin Schofield, the Conclave Recorder, giving a marvellous presentation, reinforced with an Overhead Projector, making the evening both interesting and informative to Andy Gill and Terry Ford, the potential candidates for Red Cross of Constantine Masonry.
The Festive Board, was very convivial, with the warmth and friendship that is only to be expected in our Order. The large wedge of Pate, followed by Steak pie and chips and finishing with Apple crumble and custard, proves that some Worthy Knights who choose the meal at the festive boards, obviously don’t have a weight problem to contend with!
Story by Iain Brown, Photo by Edwin Schofield