MONDAY  13th March 2017
The evening commenced promptly at 6pm, with the Acting Most Puissant Sovereign. P.Kt. Ron Pearson standing in for P.Kt. Peter Guy, who was indisposed. Ron launched into the Conclaves business, with a relaxed manner that set the tone for the evening. He welcomed the Intendant General R.Ill. Kt Michael Walker, who in turn introduced the Divisional team to the Conclave. There was much joy, when the Conclave learned that there was to be an Installation that evening, the first for many years. A subsequent ballot, proved favourable for the candidate. Bro. Eddie Tucker.
The mainstay of the evening for me, was the ceremony that followed. Agnus Dei Conclave, which is in the same cluster group as Ormskirk Conclave and often make up the numbers of Officers at Ormskirk, mustered 9 Knights for the installation, who acted in various roles, as well as being part of the crew of onlookers. The ceremony was marvellous. Each Knight who took part, can be justly proud of their contribution. This was enhanced by the presence of several members of the Sepulchre Guard, who carried out their duties with aplomb.
The next business, was to proclaim P.Kt. Peter Guy the Most Puissant Sovereign and P.Kt. Charles W Brewer as the Eminent Viceroy for the ensuing year. Knowing that their safe hands were on the tiller for the forthcoming Season, the MWS moved on to the other business.
We all gathered at the Festive Board, for Roast Butternut Squash Soup, Slow cooked Game pie, Ginger & Toffee Sponge and custard, followed by Coffee or tea. I have to say, that as I travel about the Division, it is an open secret that Ormskirk Masonic Hall, delivers probably the finest food in the Division, with consistently excellent fayre at the festive board.
With that in mind, Ormskirk Conclave needs new members and joining members, to make the Conclave viable in the future. It is a small but very happy Conclave. For further information, please Contact Fred Hargreaves the Deputy Intendant General, or David Crowley the Conclave recorder.
Another fabulous evening of Red Cross of Constantine masonry was had by all.
Iain Brown
Div. Eusebius