Divisional Eusebius visit to Dr. W.R. Waters Conclave
I arrived at Leigh Masonic Hall with some trepidation. Only because I had read the Summons which stated, that there was to be an Installation, Enthronement and Consecration, all in one evening. I thought I am in trouble here, I’ve got work in the morning!
The Candidate for Installation, Companion Wayne Barnes, was being installed by his proposer V.Ill. Kt. Colin Drinnan. What an inspiration he was. Word perfect ritual, after making the effort to bring new blood into the Order. Well done Sir, I salute you.
The Acting MPS, Ill Kt. Arthur Jolley followed, with a superb Enthronement of E. Kt. Trevor Jones. Again, word perfect, in a sincere ceremony. Ill. Kt. Peter Schofield, my successor as Divisional Eusebius for the forthcoming season, concluded with an excellent Consecration of W.Kt. George Cunliffe as Viceroy. It was obvious that a lot of hard work had gone into making the evening a success and a success it was.
We were then treated to a feast of Beef & Tomato Soup, Braised Steak, followed by Trifle. The festive board was full of fun and banter, which everyone including the new Worthy Knight Wayne, thoroughly enjoyed. It was getting too late in the evening for my dining companion, V. Ill. Kt. Brian Fairhurst and I to visit the hotspots of Leigh, but P. Kt. John Dawber, the Treasurer and Divisional Steward promised us a tour, the next time we were in town, but being a typical treasurer, we were paying!
Report and Photographs Courtesy of Iain Brown, Div. Eusebius