Visit to Dr Waters Conclave No.269 at Leigh Masonic Hall
On Thursday 19th January 2017, I had the privilege of attending Dr Waters Conclave to witness the KHS ceremony for W.Kt. Geoffrey Bent (of Signum Caeleste Conclave No.345). As the representative, due to the Deputy Intendent General not being able to attend, I was warmly welcomed by the Acting MPS Arthur Jolley and all the knights assembled.
The Conclave opened at 6pm and after the Declaring Em.Kt. Trevor Jones as the MPS, W.Kt George Cunliffe as Viceroy and P.Kt. James Dawber as treasurer for the ensuing year, the Conclave moved to the main Lodge room to conduct a Knight of Holy Sepulchre ceremony on W.Kt. Geoffrey Bent.
V.Ill. Kt. Colin Drinnan conducted the first point, the second point was conducted by P. Kt. William Wilding and the third point was conducted by P. Kt. Evan Walsh.
An excellent and atmospheric ceremony was conducted by all three Knights enhanced by the presence of the Sepulchre guard under the command of Ill Knight Robert Cliffe, which made for a memorable and very impressive evening for W.Kt. Geoffrey.
The festive board was very enjoyable with W.Kt. Geoffrey Bent responding in an excellent manner to the toast to his health, proposed by his brother W.Kt. Tony Bent.
Dr Waters is a Conclave in good heart and with the quality of ritual displayed, this Conclave can only prosper. My thanks to the MPS and the Knights once again for my very warm reception and I look forward to visiting again.
Geoff R. Gill
Divisional Marshall