Lancastrian Conclave. Divisional Eusebius visit.
Saturday 5th November 2016
Remember, Remember, the 5th of November, goes the nursery rhyme. I will remember this 5th November for very different, but very enjoyable reasons. In company with a few newly admitted Worthy Knights from Agnus Dei, we set off early on a crisp Saturday morning to attend Widnes Masonic Hall, for the 11am meeting of Lancastrian Conclave.
Arriving to a full house of Dance classes and music exams, I thought I had been propelled into the World of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ However, the Dance Instructor ushered my Companions and I, into the bar area and supplied us with nice cups of coffee, a bargain at only 30p a mug, to assist with Dance class funds.
I was contemplating getting into some Lycra and practising a ‘Cha Cha Cha’ or ‘American Smooth’, to blend in with the present company, when we (or they) were saved by Ill. Knight Geoff Gill, the Divisional Marshall, who was also the Conclaves Marshall, who led us to the Temple.
The Conclave was opened my P. Kt. Jim Kontzle in excellent form, being only 90 years young. As with all meetings, circumstances can change and due to other Masonic commitments the original lecture could not be delivered. However, Ill. Knight Rev. G. Crane stepped up to the plate, with only 3 days notice and delivered an excellent lecture about Healing the Soul. I found it both informative and very interesting.
Having retired downstairs for the Festive board, we enjoyed Tomato Soup. A selection of Sandwiches, mounds of hot ready salted Chips, which of course we had to leave, because of various diets (Not!)  Followed by Coffee and cakes. 
What was most enjoyable, was the company around the table. I think it is assisted by the Precepts  of our Order that help govern our lives, but I find it an absolute joy, to sit with Worthy Knights from around the Division and enjoy life, fun and the love of the Order of Red Cross of Constantine.
Article by Iain Brown, Div Eusbius