Westhoughton Conclave No 254 "Call for Super Sub"
When the Recorder of Westhoughton Conclave No 254, went to take a letter to the Candidate for Installation telling him about the date and time of the meet, he met the candidate’s wife.
V Ill Kt Geoffrey Porter in his usual friendly way said to the Lady on the doorstep that the letter was about her husband joining another Order on the 17th September. The Lady without hesitation said "no he won't". Geoff thinking he had put his foot in it took a little step back, thinking the worst,  and before Geoff had regain his composure, and to his relief, the Lady said "I've booked and we are away on holiday, so he wont be there that night".
So the best laid plans of having a Candidate to Install into the Conclave went a rye.
Ray Pye thanks Steve Gregory whilst Edwin looks on.
A conversation took place between the Recorder and the Most Puissant Sovereign and after a little while the Recorder got a phone call from Ill Kt Stephen Gregory, P G Chamb, The M P S saying that the had engaged the "Super Sub" and he would preset a paper.
Enter Ill Kt Raymond Pye, P G W of Reg, who presented to the Conclave a lecture entitled
"Flavia Helena, Empress". It was refreshing to have a paper that was different from the one either about Constantine or Eusebius, of which we hear so much, but little about St Helena.
The lecture which was research and written by Ray was thoroughly enthralling and kept the attention of the Worthy Knight from beginning to end, and for which he received much acclaim.
A festive board followed where Camaraderie and friendship flowed with a good helping of humour abound.
I thoroughly enjoyed an evening amongst friends.
Edwin Schofield Photos Peter Hegarty