Divisional Meeting Conclave 2015
11am, Saturday, 5th September 2015 and the Red Cross Knights of West Lancashire gathered at Wellington Park Leyland for their annual Investiture.
Are you ready to ritire Sir?
R.Ill.Kt. Michael R Walker, Intendant General
P.Kt. Edwin Schofield, Divisional Eusebius
Temple One soon filled up with those about to be appointed or promoted along with a representation from each of the Divisions 17 Conclaves.
John Roberts ahead of the Sovereigns
Two Retirees, Graham Williams (Marshal) and John Roberts (Eusebius)
The Processions started with Visiting Intendants General and other VIP’s entered the Divisional Conclave. Very soon the Marshal Graham Williams called the Knights to order and the Intendant General was escorted into the Conclave by the Officer of the Division.
Graham Williams hands over to Geoff Gill
Edwin is Escorted into Position for the Retirement
From the very start, it was clear, that the R. Ill. Intendant General, Michael R. Walker, was going to make this ‘his’ meeting with a much more relaxed feel to the proceedings. Items on the agenda were moved into a logical order and the whole occasion flowed very smoothly.
Well that went well
The Intendant General with Fred (I'm never in the Photos) Hargreaves, Dep. I.G.
Edwin proposes the toast to the Intendant General
Graham Williams, who was standing down as Divisional Marshal at the meeting, was his usual efficient self and held us all in awe as he introduced the visiting guests, all names, offices and Divisions, with not a note in site.
and the Boss Replys whilst Peter Lockett look on.
Just a short Reply
The Intendant General steered us through the business with the usual, but still very important, reports from Divisional Recorder and Treasurer. Following which he announced that the Division was to donate £4,000 to the Grand Sovereigns Care for Children’s Fund, the Knights responded in a true Lancashire Fashion.
The Intendant General with Sword Br. John Murphy,
Std. Br. Alan Blackstone and Evan Walsh Senior General
The main business of the day, of course was to appoint and invest his team for the ensuing year.
Having reappointed V. Ill. Kt. Fred Hargreaves, as his Deputy at the start of the meeting, he went on to thank all those who had been on the team last year for their hard work and attendance on official visits. After a little deliberation he appointed P. Kt. Edwin Schofield as Divisional Eusebius, cautioning his to ‘behave himself’, (what could he mean)?
Ah! now I understand.
He then went on to appoint or reappoint 28 further members of the team and 9 Appointments to Past Rank.
In no time at all the new Marshal was assembling the retirement procession and we all retired to a pleasant meal which allowed us time to reflect on the mornings events and how much we all enjoy our Red Cross Masonry.
John Roberts reflects on a year soon passed
If you are reading this article and are not a Red Cross Mason, qualification to join is being a Craft and Royal Arch Mason, with a belief in the Triune God.

Article and Photographs by Mike Beesley, Webmaster.