Grand and Divisional Officers Conclave Enthronement Meeting
At Constantine Conclave No 261, on Friday 23rd October, the Grand and Divisional Officers and their guest were treated to a super display of work by both the Eusebius and the Most Puissant Sovereign, but then experience does still count for something.
Ill Kt I H Scott and V Ill Kt G M Porter
Ill Kt Ian Harold Scott, P G Chamb, a seasoned campaigner, installed his successor Ill Kt Norman Edward Williams, P G Pref, another seasoned campaigner of Red Cross Masonry, into the seat of Eusebius of the Conclave, with a great dignity, making a shortened ceremony have as much feeling as only he could.
RT Ill Kt K W Shaw,  Ill Kt I H Scott,  Ill Kt N E Williams and V Ill G M Porter
The Most Puissant Sovereign, V Ill Kt Geoffrey Malcolm Porter, P G H Alm, then took great pride in Enthroning Ill Kt Scott in the Seat of Constantine, show the reason that perhaps led him to the senior positions he held in our Division. He conducted his part in showing that dignity and command that was a pleasure to witness.

Rt Ill Kt  KW Shaw  with Ill Kt I H Scott

Now, the Right Illustrious Intendant General, Michael Robert Walker, would have thoroughly enjoyed his visit and the work in the Conclave, and certainly would have felt the warm and the camaraderie around the Social board, had not his lift not forgotten to collect him on the way to the meeting. This lapse of memory has left the Divisional Eusebius, totally embarrassed, and whilst very apologetic, perhaps contemplating the early end to his Red Cross career.  
Photographs and Article by P Kt Edwin Schofield, the late Divisional Eusebius.   
But he will be on time one day! (WebMan)