Agnus Dei Conclave No.220
14th November 2014
The Agnus Dei Conclave No.220 had a very special night recently attended by over 25 Knights, where they had one joining member Roger Stanforth and raised three members to the degree of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. The Conclave was very pleased to receive the Divisional Eusebius Ill Kt. John Roberts, representative of the Right Illustrious Intendant General.
Photo L-R (back) P.Kt. Geoff Jackson, Ill.Kt Evan Walsh, VIll.Kt Roy Crowder,
P.Kt. Iain Brown(MPS) Ill.Kt. John Roberts (Divisional Eusebius) Ill.Kt. Gordon Kay,
(front) W.Kt Ken Smith, W.Kt. Dr Rob Caudwell, W.Kt Paul Hardman.
Unfortunately on his way to the hall Roger suffer an unprovoked dog attack as he walked down King Street, where he was bitten on the hand and arm trying to protect himself. Ever the professional and having a cup of tea (possibly with an added large whisky or brandy)  to steady his nerves, he was successfully balloted and admitted as a member of Agnus Dei Conclave and given his by-laws by the Most Puissant Sovereign Iain Brown, before the Ambulance arrived to take him to Southport General Infirmary to be checked over.
The Conclave was then closed by virtue and a Sanctuary opened to confer the degree of Knight of the Holy Sepulchre to Worthy Knights Dr. Robert Caudwell, Paul Hardman, and Ken Smith. Which I am reliably informed was completed in an exemplary manner by Iain. The Sanctuary was then closed and the Commandery was opened where the Degree of Knight of St. John the Evangelist was conferred on the same Worthy Knights by Gordon Kay and Roy Crowder in a splendid and meaningful ceremony.
The celebrations then continued at the festive board where a fantastic mixed grill was served up leaving some of the knights wishing they had been given doggy bags, and others that full they had to roll home.

Article and Photgraph Courtesy of Robert Thonton-Davidson